Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Morning - welcome to Saturday and eight weeks today it will be Christmas Morning which prompted me to post a Christmas thought today.
 I hope you enjoy it.


I love this Christmas Season
With all the joy it brings,
The holly and the mistletoe
And the carols that we sing.
Silver stars in a clear sky
And lights on a christmas tree.
Cooking smells from my kitchen
These things bring joy to me.

Christmas cards and ribbons,
People all a bustle,
Gifts to wrap and cards to write
Hearing the paper rustle.
Beautiful candles all aglow
A heart that still recalls
Those wonderful family times,
When children graced our halls.

Taking out special trinkets
And hanging them on the tree
Remembering other Christmases
When it was just you and me.
From two we became a family
And our own traditions did start,
The greatest of these I feel
Is love in the family's heart.

© Linda J. Vaughan

Enjoy it and enjoy the lead up to Christmas - every day is special.

Love and hugs,

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