Saturday, February 19, 2011


A piece I wrote this afternoon after discussing with a friend old photographs we have and like of people we don't even know and wondering what their journey has been until they came to us:


A wedding photograph of bygone days
In a frame, it lives with me,
I don't know who these people are
But it means a lot to me.

I often look and see the images
Of other days and other years
And wonder what their story is
The memories and fears.

Did the years treat you kindly
As you went forth from that day,
Or where you broken hearted
When one of you had to go away.

Did you weep for each other's comfort
As life went on for you,
Where the nights so very lonely
As you tried to find things to do?

Where you proud of your Soldier
As he went marching to war,
Did you sit and tremble
And fear the knock upon the door.

Where there children born to you
That you never got to raise?
Did you shed tears at night
For their little baby ways?

How long was your time together
Was it short or was it long,
Was there sunshine in your lives
And in your hearts a song?

Perhaps it was that you weren't blessed
With little ones at your knee,
I wonder if you were happy
With the days as they turned out to be.

Your sepia coloured photograph
Sits for all the world to see
In a home where I am happy
And children bring joy to me.

I wonder what your names were
And what you did each day
I wonder where you lived and loved
And what path you took to me.

You are just a photograph -
Not even a memory
But oh the thoughts I have
As I ponder your story.

©   Linda J. Vaughan
February 19th. 2011.

Love and hugs,


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