Sunday, May 22, 2011



It had been a busy few days for me
With a journey on a steam train
Cloudy skies and rain on the glass –
I was nine years old again.

Forty five years is a long long time
To go back and take in the view
But I can hear my Father’s voice
Telling me what I should do.

“Act like a young lady – 
And get your head inside –
Why don’t you sit down 
And enjoy the train ride.”

So this Saturday morning
I sat down indeed –
And ignored the magazine 
That I had bought to read.

I sat alone and watched as we sped
Through countryside so special to me
The mist and the mountains
And I felt it a good place to be.

Nothing had changed in forty five years
The sounds and smell of the steam.
The scream of the whistle, the slam of a door
These were real – no longer my dream.

Horses alongside the railway track
With ears back and nostrils flaring
An occasional one – who stood his ground
With flashing eyes – somewhat daring.

Sheep and cattle all afraid and running
Away from the track to a safer place
A small and feisty Shetland Pony 
Standing with anger on his face.

Inside the carriage I sat and reflected
Brass luggage racks and coat hooks
Brought tears to my eyes
I was aware of passenger’s looks.

Once more I was nine years old
And memory has been kind
This journey on a steam train 
Brought joy and pleasure to my mind.

© Linda J. Vaughan
June 16th. 2002

This was a bitter/sweet journey as I was farewelled by a friend I would never see again.

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Tiili said...

oh the joys of steam train travel, nothing at all compares to how we go now. Faster is not better, slower gives time to see what is outside the window (if not smoky that is)