Sunday, May 15, 2011



The steel grey sky and icy wind
Have crept into my day,
A winter Sunday morning
Has slowly come my way.
The wind is strong and cold
As it blows around my face.
The silver beads of raindrops
Making patterns just like lace.

The trees are stark and winter bare
Of leaves and greenery.
Picturesque and very beautiful
This wintery scenery.
Children dressed all warmly
With hats and gloves and coats.
A deserted lonely boating lake ~
No small and bobbing boats.

The playground swings are still
Apart from the wind that blows,
And under this cold earth
The graceful daffodil grows.
The ducks are on the river
The gulls fly up above ,
A couple walking hand in hand ~
So very much in love.

An inside day for lots of folk
By fireside and with book,
Special music to listen to
And something nice to cook.
There are so many things I like
About this time of year
Warm thoughts and memories
Of those I hold so dear.

Those who are so busy 
With ventures new and exciting
A new job and new study
Lectures and some writing.
So on this winter Sunday
I take the time apart
To carry you all safely
In my warm and loving heart.

© Linda J. Vaughan

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