Monday, May 16, 2011



Freshly brewed coffee
Wafting on the breeze,
Bring comfort to me
On wintery days like these.
It’s pungent strong aroma
Stirs memory within,
Of days when I would sit down 
And have coffee with him.

We’d spend a quiet interlude
And share our innermost thoughts,
A smile, a glance – a hug
Such memories are brought.
Coffee, cream and sugar
The clink of a silver spoon,
I remember oh so clearly
Him telling me to reach for the moon.

An hour spent in conversation,
Discussing the latest news,
It always brought great interest
To hear about his views.
He’s gone and my life is changed
But I will always be glad
For the days when I sat down
And had coffee with my Dad.

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 2011

1 comment:

Tiili said...

it is the simple things that bring back the good memories.
May you always a silver spoon, a coffee and the moon within grasp.