Thursday, May 19, 2011



Talk to me of friendship
And special love and care
Tell me of the laughter
And the good times we can share.

Let me hear you whisper 
That you are here for me
That you will walk beside me
When the path I cannot see.

Sing to me of companionship
And the warmth that friendship brings
Let me walk beside you
Let our love take wings.

Comfort me when I am sad
And call me on the phone
Let me feel your very presence
So I know I'm not alone.,

Hear my many worries
And my feeble call
Let me know that you will be there
To lift me when I fall.

Please know that I value you
And all you say and do.,
How very much I cherish
Your special friendship true.

Listen to my secrets
And neither laugh nor scold
Promise me that we'll be together
When we are very old.

We'll watch the sun go down together
And remember our youthful days
We will cherish our special friendship
And the joy it brought to our days.

© Linda J. Vaughan
2008 March

1 comment:

Tiili said...

"Listen to my secrets
And neither laugh nor scold"

Yes I will listen to them and hold them dear, I will not scold, ever, but I cannot I'm afraid, guarantee I will not laugh.

You are a constant reason to smile, laugh and sing with simply a thought of you or a chance glance at a dew drop