Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Walking through the woods
At last on my way home
The winter wind is blowing
The sea is white with foam.

The fog at last is lifting
It's been hanging around for days
The earth is wet and musty
The horizon clearing through the haze.

Thoughts in my head are racing
Of warmth and tender care
Hot chocolate by the fireside
A warm bed and love to share.

Tendrils of my damp hair 
Blow cold across my face
I walk a little faster 
I need to be out of this place.

Soon the gate is visible
The vines silhouetted by the wall,
I really must be careful
Lest I trip and fall.

My heart is beating wildly
As the door is opened wide
Suddenly before me is the man
Who fills my heart with pride

The warmth of the room envelopes me
As he holds me in his arms
Once more I am captivated 
By his strong and manly charms.

I am glad this man is home at last
And will be travelling no more
The warmth of the home brings peace
And I gently close the door.

© Linda J. Vaughan
June 2008

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