Monday, May 9, 2011



Angels are friends who care for us
And help us on our way,
They bring a smile and wipe a tear
As they pass along our way.

A cheery smile, a comforting word,
A hug and a comforting touch.
These things bring to us such joy
And help us so very much.

Angels will listen to a story they know
Which they may have heard before,
If you have a need then I am sure
An Angel will knock upon your door.

They will light your way
And bring to you much gladness,
They will, in kindness wait
To chase away your sadness.

They will be there for you
And promises will keep,
Watching through the dark night
While you peacefully sleep.

Angels will watch our babies
Waking us when they cry,
Guard our teenagers while they drive
Never faster than Angels can fly.

I believe in Angels
And the touch of healing wings
I believe in friendship
And the pleasure that it brings.

I believe in Angels – I call them friends.

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 4th. 2006 and May 9th. 2011

1 comment:

Tiili said...

I believe in Angels, they talk to my fairies at the bottom of my garden every night.
My Facebook friends are all Angels and pop over to whoever needs them, anytime, anywhere and sprinkle happiness, joy and love around us all