Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Poet's Corner at Westminster Abbey


There is a quiet corner
Where I can be at peace,
Where I can pour my soul out
And find some sweet release.
I can bare my very soul,
Release my inner being,
Close my eyes and yet see
All that I should be seeing.

I can scour the deep ravines
Of the pain within my heart,
And touch the core of my being
Right from the very start.
Share what I see at sunrise
And a diamond filled night sky,
Bring to you the winter winds
And the leaves that fly.

Through my words you can see
The white of ocean foam
Feel the anxiety I feel
When children leave their home.
I can somehow bring you comfort
When your heart can find no calm, 
Help to reassure that those you love
Will be safe from harm.

My words can help you celebrate
A special festive season,
Rejoice at births and weddings
Or any other reason.
See the flowers on the hedgerow
And not the thorns beneath your feet,
Help you to feel encouraged  ~
To smile at those you meet.

My quiet Poet’s Corner
Brings comfort to my soul,
Allows me to be myself
Allows me to be whole.
I spend a lot of time here
With peace of heart and mind
It brings great joy to my life ~
The best that I can find.

© Linda J. Vaughan,
amended 2011

© The Pages of Avalon

1 comment:

Tiili said...

Please keep your Poet's Corner and I hope it always comforts you.
I hope one day to see hedgerows, perhaps I will, perhaps not. leave that for the Gods to decide.
Meanwhile I can picture them in my mind and thank you for the image