Saturday, May 21, 2011


Something a little whimsical.


Shafts of sunlight through the windows
A pounding heart within my breast,
Temptation all around me
Facing my greatest test.

I have seen your smiling face
And heard sweetness in your voice.
In my mind there is confusion
And yet I can't help but rejoice.

A beautiful gown adorns me
As I rush to morning's first glow.
Shall I run to you or run away
How shall I ever know?

Decision made and I care not
What the future may hold for me,
I am rushing towards you my Darling
Hold out your arms for me.

In the flush of the dawning
And in morning's first light,
Tousled hair about my shoulders
I know my decision is right.

Linda J. Vaughan
© January 2009

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