Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Thank you for the love you’ve shown,
The tenderness and care.
The very many happy hours
When time and hours you share.
Thank you for the kindness
Your smile and tender touch.
All the lovely things you do
Are valued very much.

You always make me welcome
With a chat and cup of tea,
You are very special 
And very important to me.
You show your care for others
In very many ways ~
Your friendship is treasured
And brings light unto my days.

Thank you for who I am
When I spend time with you.
You help me see that days are fair,
And friends are kind and true.
Thank you for being there
And for your kindly listening ear,
For helping me to overcome
The things that bring me fear.

I think about those sheltered times
And the hours we have shared,
I remember very well indeed
Knowing that you cared.
I hope that I can be there for you
When you need someone near
I hope that I am able to dispel
The depth of all your fear.

© Linda J. Vaughan


Aletha said...

That is so pretty I love the words

Diane said...

I agree!! I love this one.. Great Job Linda.