Saturday, May 14, 2011



I have been lately thinking about my life,
The changes, the cares, the worry and strife,
And yet through it all I can find such pleasure
In the simple things in fullest of measure.

The joy of the bird’s first song at morning, the thrill
Of finding in your spring garden the first daffodil.
The velvet petal of a special rose, with a dewdrop there
The warmth and the touch of a loved ones special care.

The joy when the telephone rings and it is who you want it to be
The “Hi – how are you”? – “You mean so much to me”.
A visit from someone you love and treasure~
Sharing their dreams in fullest of measure.

The saying goodbye and the meeting again
After times of anguish of worry and pain.
The calling out of “Please take care “
The quick response “Yes I will be aware.”

The making of friends the learning to trust
The stepping out of the circle – yes it’s a must.
Only then can you learn who you truly are
Only then can you be the best by far.

The sun on your back – the wind in your hair
The joy of living – freedom from care.
A spring in your step and a song in your heart
Seeing your children grown – being a part..

Of all of their plans and all of their schemes.
Watching them realise all of their dreams.
Knowing that you have had a small part
In shaping their lives  - what a great start.

The warm feeling when someone asks if they can talk
With you, share time with you – even a walk.
The smile from the heart and it should give no surprise
The secrets that are told by clear sparkling and eyes.

A good book and a warm fire – some place where you feel
Safe and protected – a place where you can heal.
From all of life’s troubles, it’s cares and its woes,
That special place where everyone goes.

Clear water, nice wine, coffee and tea,
Good food, and special company.
Eating out at a restaurant  - what bliss,
The touch of hand and a warm special kiss.

Strong arms and strong hands to hold you close by
A tender touch and a special sigh
That holds the promise of much much more ~
Somehow it is clear – somehow you are sure.

Perfumes and fragrances, cards and a letter
Tell me my friend  - what could be better?
Than to open the pages written with love and with care
Sent to you because someone couldn’t be there.

A hot steamy shower – a way to get warm
Days spent visiting – days on a farm
Communing with nature that good to be alive feeling
Times when you feel your senses go reeling.

A new pair of shoes and a new handbag made of leather
A new big umbrella to protect from the weather.
Some stationery and some pens  - that lovely paper smell
Paper clips and drawing pins – oh yes I love it well.

Time spent with books in a bookshop,
Not wanting this quiet time to stop.
The wave of a child’s hand from a nearby car
The wonder of moon, and sun and star.

The tiredness and fatigue when a job is well done
The thrill of the sport and a game that is won.
Music that stirs your soul and brings you to tears,
Memories carried close in heart over years.

Meeting again and getting in touch
With those whose friendship once meant so much.
A familiar voice and a warm welcoming smile~
The touch of a hand – not felt for a while.

A shared moment and time true and tender
Smiles across a room which say “I remember”.
A piece of music which makes your soul take wings.
The flush of a cheek – the glow that love brings.

The birth of a child with hope and with joy –
Not mattering whether it’s a girl or a boy.
The first tooth, the first step, word and first smile,
Making it all seem so very worthwhile.

A walk on the beach – sand in your shoes,
Sharing with someone special good news.
Walking through autumn leaves – that special rustle
Away from the struggle the strife and the bustle.

The sharing of grief, of hopes and of fears,
The sharing of laughter – the sharing of tears
The sharing of life – its hopes and its ways
Bringing me happiness all of my days.

“These are things that have brought me joy in my life and I share them with you in love.”

© Linda J Vaughan 
May 20ll

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