Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Farewell my friend your time has come
To leave my life and home.
I didn’t want to part with you,
But it was best to let you roam.

Your tired bones will no longer trouble you,
And you can take your rest,
When it came to “faithful friends”
You were the very best.

Your puppy days and the holes you dug
Are now just memories for me,
But if I look in memory I can clearly see
Those dark eyes looking at me.

You liked the beach and the water
And morning walks at the Football ground,
And you would always bring to me,
The things that you had found.

No more thunder storms to scare you
Or fireworks to give you fright,
No more hot and scorching days
Or wind and frost at night.

You were a trusted friend of mine
For over thirteen years,
Sadly,  now you are gone
And I have shed my tears.

I could not help you – your time had come
And I honoured the trust you had in me
I did not let you suffer
I just set you free.

Thankyou for the years of friendship,
The devotion and the care,
The coming home will be different for me ~
For you’re no longer there.

My life is changed in many ways
Losing you is just a part,
Forever there will be your memory
In a special corner of my heart.

 © Linda J. Vaughan 
September 22nd. 2006 - Written for Morgan my companion and friend.


Aletha said...

Oh my gosh I am sorry Linda you loss you dog, so sad. But so well written you did for it is beautiful

Tiili said...

I hope I have the strength honour my Chelsea as you have Morgan. At least she will have a friend to wait for her and they can compare noted on us.

The loss is painful but their lives give such joy and pleasure, he really is a stunning boy!

Diane said...

So Sad to read your special verse for your beloved pet.

Hugs Diane