Sunday, June 12, 2011



It is Sunday morning in my world
And my heart is full of peace,
The day is just beginning
And it's wonders never cease.
I see a watery sun in a pale blue sky
And there is a gentle breeze,
Winter roses are still blooming
Even on days like these.

Bread is cooking in my kitchen
And warm sweet smells fill the air,
My heart is full of thanks today
For family and friends everywhere.
I have the whole day before me
To do what I feel is best
It will be a calm and peaceful day
I will not be put to the test.

Tender thoughts are winging
To those whose path is steep,
Who carry on regardless
And often stop to weep.
I think of you all so often
And whisper up a prayer
That you will be given strength
And wrapped in tender care.

Random thoughts are now buzzing
In this busy head of mine
About the things that I should do -
The washing's on the line.
The bread and soup are cooking
And I feel at ease
With the direction of my journey
On Sundays such as these.

Wherever you are on your journey
I wish you peace and calm
May angels hover over you 
And keep you safe from harm.
I wish you peace and gladness
And a song within your heart
May this day be just a beginning
Of a very special start.

A time when comes awareness
And a gratitude for life 
In spite of all the dangers
The trouble and the strife.
May love and laughter fill your home
And tenderness be your friend.
May courage help you face
Whatever is around the bend.

© Linda J.Vaughan
12th. June 2011

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