Tuesday, July 12, 2011


© Esther Westerveld


A winter sun was shining
I'd come here to find release
Sitting alone in the quiet
I hoped to find some peace.

I watched as the shadows lengthened
And the afternoon grew late,
I heard the birds on their way to roost
I heard a creaking gate.

I saw the shadows being cast
My heart was heavy and still
I stayed a little longer 
In the late afternoon chill.

My steps were heavy 
And my heart was sore
As I left this quiet building
And gently closed the door.

I headed home to where I knew
A welcome I would find.
Warmth and comfort there for me
Someone being kind.

I realized as I walked my path
That peace comes from within my heart
I did not need to go seeking it
It was there at the very start.

©  Linda J. Vaughan
12th. July 2011


Tiili said...

That is so lovely that you find all you need is right at home

Linda J. said...

Thank you Lynne - it is all part of learning to be "at home" with yourself.

Love and hugs,