Thursday, November 17, 2011



Anchor me safe in your care
When the thunder starts to peal
Comfort and reassure me
For my fear is very real.
Hold me safe in your care
When my little boat is tossed,
When the wind roars
And the rain pours down
It's then I feel so lost.

Find a star to guide us
And a calm harbour full and deep,
Let me scream and vent my anger,
Hold me when I weep.
Steer my boat away from jagged rocks,
And rips that would tear and pull me
Let me rest in the calm aftermath
Open my eyes a new day to see.

Wipe the tears that mingle for me
With the salt sea air of life,
Let your very presence shield me
From all its troubles and strife.
Steer me back to my safe harbour
Let me stand forever more
And watch the endless oceans
From the safety of the shore.

It's been a rough journey for us, I know
And the winds have howled and wailed,
But stronger I am with your support,
Together we have prevailed.
Stand on the shore with me
Let the sand run through our fingers
Healthier days ahead for us,
But oh how the memory lingers.

© Linda J. Vaughan
November 17th. 2011

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Joe said...

Another beauty my friend. You are so special! Love....Joe