Tuesday, November 15, 2011



It's almost Christmas time again
And memory brings us near
To those we often think about
And those that we hold dear.
We draw to the end of another year
With days of trouble and pain
And once more we stand at the threshold
Of a year filled with sunshine and rain.

We don’t have Christmas snow in Australia
But we have days of endless sun
No snowman with his corn cob pipe
But we have holidays and fun.
We don’t wrap ourselves in thick coats
To sing Christmas Carols outside
We sit on blanket in the park
And light our candles with pride.

We don’t have a blazing Yule log
Nor does the snow fall on our day
We have an outside barbeque
And the children splash and play.
We sit in parks and gardens
With umbrellas for shade from the sun
We eat our prawns and salads
And our children laugh and have fun.

We don’t wear thick and woollen coats
Nor hats and gloves to keep warm
We smell the scent of eucalypts and pines
And it is Christmas on the farm.
We sit beneath the Southern Cross
And sing our Christmas Cheer
And hold the thoughts of those
Who are no longer near.

It’s Christmas in Australia
Very different for you to understand
Those of you who come from
A cold and winter land.
It’s summer in Australia
And days are long and bright~
Please remember Christmas “Down Under”
And think of another “Silent Night.”

A silent night beneath the Southern Cross
With and endless open sky  ~
Don’t try to understand
Nor ask the reason why!
Just accept that this is Christmas
Throughout the entire world
And pray that Freedom’s flag
Will very soon be unfurled.

So at this special time of year
When we all draw close and love
Let’s try to release into our lives
Heaven’s Peaceful dove.
Let’s love a little more, and care
And open friendships door
These are the things I wish for you
I cannot wish for more.

©  Linda J.Vaughan
December 12 2003

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