Monday, March 12, 2012



I watched the dawn this morning
And felt some peace and calm,
I felt the velvet wings of morning
Shelter me from harm.

I listened to the quiet this morning
And found some sweet release,
I heard the birds’ first songs
And I felt the world at peace.

I watched the sunrise this morning
And saw an artist’s hand,
I saw the paint upon the canvas
And the way that it is planned.

I saw the dewdrop on the rose this morning
And walked on dew kissed grass,
I knew these early morning delights
Would very quickly pass.

I offered up my thanks this morning
From a heart that’s known some fears,
I experienced the miracle of morning
And quietly wiped away my tears.

I watched the dawn this morning
And saw so many things
I gathered strength this morning
For whatever my day brings.

© Linda J. Vaughan
October 24th. 2002

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