Monday, March 12, 2012



I walked today in spring’s damp garden
And saw the violets in bloom.
A fresh cool breeze caressed me
And I smelled the sweet perfume.

The daffodils were dancing
And bending as I passed
The heady scent of hyacinths
Gave me memories to last.

White petals from the blossom
Of the old faithful almond tree
An avenue of blossoms pink
As far as the eye could see.

The days are getting longer
And perfume is in the air
The roses are in bud at last
And days are clear and fair.

It is time for planting of seedlings
Tomatoes and lettuce and such
Setting blossoms will soon become
The sweetest of summer fruit.

Springtime brings us changes
As the seasons come and go
I will always remember the violets
And the perfume that I know.

Linda J. Vaughan
September 2nd. 2004

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