Saturday, May 12, 2012



A time of celebration
A special family time,
Laughter and sweet music
Bubbles in the wine.

Flowers wrapped in paper
And tied with ribbons too,
Parents counting their blessings ~
Such happy days for you.

Chocolates in a beautiful box,
All layered and neatly placed
Some with nuts and fondant
Bringing a smile to your face.

Strawberry and peppermint crème
Turkish delight so sweet,
A family in celebration
Almost dancing in the Street.

May your life together be like this,
A sweet and true delight
May your life be happy
And all your days be bright.

I wish you chocolate days
And days when you can shine,
May your days together be sparkling
Like the bubbles in the wine.

© Linda J Vaughan

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Joseph said...

Is this when Gueniever married Arthur?