Saturday, May 12, 2012


For you on Mothers Day

Many years have gone
And yet it seems like yesterday
Since your heart was broken
And she went away.
She was a lady who cared
And loved you very much ~
I know you miss her presence
And her tender gentle touch.

There are so many things to remember
Of family times together
Christmas and Easter – sunshine and rain ~
So many storms to weather.
She was strong and determined
And this she passed to you.
You will never forget her
In all you say and do.

It somehow gets a little easier
To cope with the empty space,
But your heart knows very well
That none could take her place.
She was your cherished Mother
It was she who gave you birth,
Nourished you and nurtured you
And helped you know your worth.

So although you miss her very much
Especially on Mother’s Day
And on the anniversary
Of the day she went away.
Her physical presence is no more
But she has left her part
She never will be gone from you
She lives within your heart.

She lives within the memories
Of the times you spent together
And with her strength beside you
Any storm you’ll weather.
Think of her with tenderness
With love you cannot hide,
And know that she would always
Think of you with pride

© Linda J. Vaughan

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Beautiful Poem. It's interesting, I think I told you. When they wheeled me into the operating room for surgery...I was calm...I thought to myself...the only benefit to be had if I do die, is that I would get to hug my Mom again. That thought alone kept me at peace.