Friday, June 15, 2012



A summer storm at evening
A steady soaking rain,
The first blossom on a rose
That comes forth out of pain 
A garden newly restored 
A newly planted bush
A blossom touched with diamonds
In the evening's quiet hush

Not only is there a new blossom
But buds surround her crown
The raindrops on her petals
Shine as nighttime settles down.
Abundance and fullness
Health and life in full measure
Such are the blossoms on the rose
Making memories to treasure.

The hands that tended this rose
Have been still and inactive
But a very special gift
Means that this man will live.
He cherishes the garden 
And tends it with very great care
The new life will bring pleasure
To all who visit there.

There is as special meaning
In the planting of this rose
And fragrant will be the garden
For in his heart he knows.
The work was done with loving hands
To honour other special men
Whose gift of life has meaning
And we can live again.

Roses planted near the ocean
Blossoming and thriving with care
Celebrating special lives 
Allowing us to dare.
To dare to live in possibility
To turn our faces to the sun
The celebrate the gift of life
To see the battle won.

No diamonds in the whole wide world
Could hold more worth than these ~
The raindrop diamonds glistening
Across the wide wide seas.
No plants could be more beautiful
Or more significant be
Than those which grow and blossom
In a garden near the sea.

The gift of life was given 
And we will forever thankful be
For the kindness and compassion
And the skills that let this be.
I bless the velvet petals 
And the diamonds glistening there
They serve as a reminder 
Of a special gardener's care.

© Linda J. Vaughan
June 2nd. 2012.

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