Tuesday, June 26, 2012



No-one ever mentioned
The beauty I would see
When my life was changed 
And a gift was given to me.
I expected many changes ~
Better health and days,
I knew that I would learn
To understand these ways.

No-one ever told me
That tears would fill my eyes
That I would stand in wonder
Beneath the star filled skies.
I never really saw the beauty 
Of roses raindrop kissed
I've learned again the wonder
Of standing in the mist.

I saw again the sunset
And once more heard the rain,
Listened to the thunder storms
After days of pain.
No-one ever told me 
That I would feel so blessed
That family would be cherished
And friends would be the best.

No-one ever told me
That wonder would fill my heart
And that for me it would be
Like a brand new start
No one ever told me 
What joy would fill my soul
I am very glad to discover
The things that make me whole. 

© Linda J. Vaughan
26th. June 2012

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