Sunday, June 24, 2012



I took a walk this afternoon
Down where the river flows
I watched the grey waters
And saw where the wild weed grows.
I viewed the swollen river
And the ducks as they glided by
I sat on the bank by the reeds
And I heard the river sigh.

The sky was heavy laden
No sun to warm the air,
I heard the river murmur
As she passed without a care.
A pewter sky above me 
Wet grass beneath my feet,
My heart was filled with emotion
As I quietly took a seat.

I was sheltered by a gum tree
Whose age I could not tell
Magestic eucalypt beauty
I know it oh so well.
The air was heavy with fragrance
Of gum leaves damp and wet
I was dressed for winter
And her solitude I met.

Children playing on the swings
Cyclists on their way
All taking pleasure 
On this cold cold winter day.
For me it was more than this
I took time set apart
Gave in to the thoughts that come
From a very grateful heart.

I thought about my life
And the way the days have been
And how very blessed I am 
And what it all could mean.
I have so much in my life
For which to offer thanks
It all became so very clear
As I sat on the river banks.

My heart was overflowing
Much like the river on it's way
With thankful thoughts and happy
On this winter Saturday.
I have been given many gifts
And because of them I live
I am very grateful 
And I have lots to give.

I am blessed in many ways
With family and with friends,
I have those who love me
And will 'til my journey ends.
So this day beside the river
Brought happy and sweet tears
A time of quiet solitude
And a time to ease my fears.

The afternoon was quickly gone
And the darkness soon came near
A misty rain was falling
As I wiped away a tear.
I remembered those I love
And quietly whispered my thanks,
I turned and headed for home
Away from the river banks.

© Linda J. Vaughan
June 23rd. 2012

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