Friday, June 15, 2012



I first saw you as a little boy
And held you in my arms,
I was captivated
By the measure of your charms.

You grew and needed me
To help you on your way.
The seasons passed too quickly
And soon had dawned the day.

The day you no longer needed me
To calm and allay your fears,
We had shared laughter and play
Sunshine and tears.

Little boy no longer – now you stand tall
Towering well above me.
Heartsick I realize that I must let you go ~
That I must let you be.

With tears in my eyes
I realize you have gone away.
That you have seen the dawning
Of your final day.

I know that you enjoyed life
And for everyone did your best.
We who loved you most of all
Must finally let you rest.

Roses – how you loved them!
And these my final gift to you,
Fragrant and sweet
And kissed by the morning dew.

I shall always remember you
And my memories will be sweet,
As I walk among the roses
Their petals at my feet.

© Linda J. Vaughan
July 26th 2009

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