Monday, July 9, 2012



I wish you love
And truth and peace,
Days in the sun
To find release.
I wish you health
And happy days,
Someone to appreciate
Your kind and caring ways.

I wish for you a challenge
And that you are equal to the task
The love of friends and family
And all that you may ask.
I wish you the joy of a winter walk
And sunshine after rain.
I wish for you roses, violets ~
Daffodils when springtime comes again.

I wish for you self courage
Laughter and some tears.
I wish for you smiles
And someone to wipe your tears.
I wish for you some kindness
From the people that you meet.
I wish you warmth and safety
And a journey that is sweet.

Happy Birthday my sweet friend
May diamonds fill your sky,
May you always pose the question
And find the reasons why.
I wish you a flower strewn pathway,
Special hours and special days
Your family to love you 
For all your loving ways.

© Linda J Vaughan

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