Friday, August 24, 2012



I walked today on a bleak seashore
And felt the blowing sand ~
My heart found release there
And I longed for the touch of a hand.
The salt sea spray touched my face
And was mixed with my salty tears,
The plaintive cry of the seabirds near,
Gave voice to my secret fears.

The waves rolled in and foam was blown
By the waves of a grey grey sea,
I walked and I cried and I thought
And I found some peace for me.
I took some time and it became clear
That this is how life must be 
None of us know when the day will dawn
When we must we face eternity.

I gave thanks for the lives of my special friends
And the joy they found in living
I recalled the donors who gave them life
Who's great gift was in the giving.
I turned, I smiled and I walked away
With a promise to do my best
To live my life to the fullest
No matter what the test.

I will walk by the river and watch the tides
And dance with the daffodils.
I will enjoy the beauty of all my life
And stand on the green green hills.
I'll endeavour to be compassionate
And caring and kind to all.
I know I have friends and family
Who will lift me should I fall.

I'll not sweat the small stuff, as yes indeed
It's all small stuff to me
I will write and laugh and love
And let my spirit fly free.
I'll care for my friends and family
And always an advocate be
I will remember the emotion I felt 
As I stood by the cold cold sea.

I'll not whinge and whine 
 And not be the "liver girl"
I'll rest and take care of myself
When my life gets in a whirl.
I will live my gifted life to the full
And ever thankful be,
I'll go back to the beach for comfort
In the arms of a murmuring sea.

©  Linda J. Vaughan 
 August 24th. 2012

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Lynne said...

So pleased you found a release, were able to shed those needed tears and take stock of what is dear and precious. They will never be forgotten