Monday, October 29, 2012


© John William Waterhouse - Miranda The Tempest


Oh America I'm watching 
As I have watched before 
As a hurricane is bearing down
This time knocking on YOUR .door.

I watched as cyclone Yasi
Vented her anger and rage
This time the writing is on
A very different page.

I ached and I cried 
and I called out in pain
Now here I am watching
and crying again.

Ten thousand miles from Yasi
A hurricane is raging again
This time with lunar tides
And lashing pouring rain.

You are out there over the ocean
And swiftly you're venting your spleen
I ache and I cry for those in your path
A big storm with intention so mean.

United once more through pain and distress
Down under we know the fear you feel,
We know the things that trouble you 
That your anxiety is very real.

"Sandy" you are travelling 
With damage on your mind,
You have the east coast in your sights
Your anger raging and blind.

You will whip up the oceans,
Rip trees from the ground
Houses will be damaged
Possessions lost and found.

You will tear up road signs
and toss them aside
Wreak havoc in the gardens
Where many have taken pride.

Your wind will howl and scream
The hours be long and stark,
Mostly you will do your damage
When the world is dark.

Take what you will of our homes
But leave us safe and sound
We are living out the agony 
Every hour that you're around.

On your way - get out of here
Let us live our lives in peace,
Let us make recovery 
Let us find some sweet release.

© Linda J. Vaughan
October 28th. 2012

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Whimsicalnotions said...

you write so well and i can feel it too teh worry for all those awaiting their fate and i pray that they all are safe,