Saturday, September 21, 2013



Come with me and walk a while
Down a sweet and shaded lane
Let's spend time together 
Like sunshine after rain.

Let's take in all the beauty
Of this pretty shaded bower,
We will hear the sweetest bird song
And smell the fragrance of the flower.

We will sit a while and ponder 
As good friends often do,
About the times we've spent together
And the plans we hold brand new.

We'll talk about the children grown
And about their baby days
About the times they ran so freely 
And their knees held many a graze.

Let's talk about the pain we've felt ~
The struggles we've been through
We will talk about the joy we felt
When life began anew.

We'll share the times when we felt lost
And fear became our friend
How that the sun was shining
Just around the bend.

The comfort that our friendship brought
When days were cold and grey
How that we lifted each other up 
And helped along the way.

There will be laughter here
And also tears of sadness,
But over all of that will be 
The blessed tears of gladness.

We will gently sit in silence 
And let Nature do her part
In bringing joy and comfort 
To a tender, fragile heart.

Walk with me in nature
Gather strength right to the end
We shall cherish hours together 
And share the joy my friend.

© Linda J. Vaughan
September 21st. 2013

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