Monday, January 5, 2015



A whirring fan beside me
A gentle breeze that blows
Another day of summer 
A fear that grows and grows.

A wisp of smoke on the horizon
The hope it doesn't spread,
Volunteers out fighting
While we sleep in our bed.

A hot night and north winds gusting 
Smoke is in the air 
Sirens loudly wailing 
Panic everywhere.

Animals are terrified
Fear within them growing
Flames are leaping highter
Embers ever glowing.

Houses locked up tight
And families quickly leavng
Some will return to safe homes
And others will be grieving.

Sheds and fences burning
Terror in the air 
"Please God keep them safe -
I leave them in your care."

Help from interstate 
With aircraft and with men,
Oh the pain of an Australian summer
As it comes around again.

Offers of help come pouring in
Volunteers making tea.
Sandwiches and comfort
For those so very weary.

Hopeful hearts are praying
For relief from fire and heat,
Weary bodies, tired spirits
And hot and sweaty feet.

If you have no business here
I demand you stay away
Leave those to do a difficult job
On another stressful day.

Courage and strength to those who fight
And risk their lives out here
Stay safe and strong
We are holding you very near.   

© Linda J. Vaughan
January 5th. 2015

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