Thursday, February 5, 2015



How often on our journey 
We remember little things,
A word, a smile ~ some good advice
And sweet is the memory it brings.
Sometimes we find a special joy
And music fills our heart,
When we remember a melody
And in thought we go back to the start.

It’s the little things.

When we find a tiny treasure
Tucked away in an old dresser drawer
And we hold it in our hands
And travel back once more.
A bunch of keys and a wedding ring
A picture on a wall
A photograph in a folder
Of days when I was small

It’s the little things.

A line from a piece of poetry
That was quoted oft and long.
A calculator and maths book ~
A special much loved song.
The smell of cooking bacon
And coffee strong and sweet.
I almost come unravelled 
When these memories I meet.

It’s the little things.

A question from a little child,
Crusts left on a plate.
The stirring of a teacup
And never being late!
A newspaper page all neatly folded
With a crossword puzzle done.
A toothpick and pen in a pocket
Staying up until the game is won.

It’s the little things.

Oh yes! It’s the little things
That brings you so often to mind
The things that you valued ~
A love that’s so rare to find.
I think of you often and in memory stray
And pleasure this pondering brings.
Phrases you said that I understood
Yes – it’s the little things.

©   Linda J. Vaughan
7th. April 2004

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