Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi there, I am sharing something I wrote about being Thankful - this was written before I became ill and I will write something similar about how I feel now that my transplant is over.


I am thankful for the sunrise
Which reminds me once again,
That I am here to enjoy another day
Of sunshine or of rain.
For a table fully laden
A warm and comfy bed,
A soft and downy pillow 
Where I can lay my head.

For the privelidge of children
Now grown and on their way,
Taking care of others 
As they travel on their way.
Caring for a parent 
Whose life has brought its pain
Calling very often
To ask "How are you:?" again.

I am thankful for a cool breeze
At the end of a summer day,
For a river gently flowing
As it passes on its way.
I am thankful for a beach walk
With the sea spray in my hair
I give thanks daily for my friends
Who always show their care.

Thankful I am for work to do
To guide my idle hand,
I find joy when I see a crop of grain
Ripening on the land.
A shower of rain, a puddle to splash in,
Laughter and the touch of a hand,
These are things I am thankful for ~
The things that I think are grand.

© Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008

Love and hugs,

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give 
thanks for another day of loving."

Kahlil Kibran

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Aletha said...

Oh how pretty that is and so touching the words.