Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharing this piece with you all with a particular lady in mind - she knows who she is and I hope it helps her very much at this difficult time for her.

Let me comfort you.

No matter what your problem
Or how deep your pain,
I would like to comfort you
Until the sun comes out again.
I would like to share your burden
And walk beside you on the way,
Wrap loving arms around you
When the sky is cloudy and grey.

Don’t be afraid to show me
The depths of your despair,
Please feel that I am here for you,
And that I really care.
I will walk the stony path with you
Until the very end,
Even though we cannot see
What lies around the bend.

I’ll listen to your memories
Of days when skies were clear,
I’ll hold your hand and smile
And try to dispel your fear.
I’ll listen as you reminisce
About your pain and how life is changed
And how confused you now feel
Cause life’s been rearranged.

Shelter under my umbrella
Share the protection that it brings,
Feel an Angel close by you ~
Feel the touch of Angel wings.
The pain will ease, your heart will heal
And memory will be kind,
Allowing you to look back
On the best memories you could find.

© Linda J. Vaughan
20th. April 2008

Love and hugs,


"And thou shalt be secure because there is hope".

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