Thursday, February 10, 2011



So many things accompany us
As we walk our path through life.
Some bring us untold joy
And others pain and strife.

 How sweet it is when we are young
And long days hold no care,
When we can run and play and sing
And feel the wind in our hair.

Love is a delightful companion
And life is very sweet ~
We have stars in our eyes
And wings upon our feet.

When we have our children
Responsibility walks by our side.
We cherish our much loved offspring
We care, protect and guide.

Pain often joins our journey
And we struggle then to cope
With the agony of loss
When we can find no hope.

Some times our pain is physical
And grey shadows cloud our eyes,
Each day becomes a struggle
And we can see no blue skies.

Acceptance then joins our journey
And we learn to carry on
To live with  pain and suffering
Until the battle’s won.

So as you travel your journey 
Please feel the comfort of love
And know that angels guide you
And watch you from above.

Linda J. Vaughan

© 20th. February 2005

Love and hugs,

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