Thursday, February 10, 2011



Standing on the shore
Of an uncertain lake
Wondering what to do
Which steps to take.

The wind ruffles the water
Just like life ruffles me.
A journey ahead 
The path I can’t see.

Listening to the lapping water
Hearing the birds shrill call
Hold me very close 
Please don’t let me fall.

Let me hear the wind blow
And feel it on my face
Let me always remember
How special was this place.

Let me walk by the edge 
And smell the sweet air
Let me for just a moment
Forget all my care.

Kiss me in the daylight
For all the world to see
Let them know how special
You have become to me.

Hold me in the moonlight
Gather stars for me
Wrap your arms around me
A shelter always be.

Stand with me on the shore
Of an uncertain lake
Show me that all will be well
As together the steps we take.

© Linda J. Vaughan
June 5th. 2005

Love and hugs,

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