Saturday, February 5, 2011


Another Pensive piece.


Looking from my windows
I see beauty all around;
The colour of the autumn leaves,
The frost upon the ground.

The smiles upon the faces
Of my family when we meet,
A cheery wave from a neighbour
As I venture down the Street.

The children as they play and frolic
Their faces flushed by cold,
A neighbour whose steps are faltering
Because they are growing old.

A baby quietly sleeping
Safe and loved and warm.
A parent’s gentle caring
Keeping them from harm.

The tiny specks of green
As spring flowers break through,
Roses needing pruning –
Something else to do.

A cat asleep in a pot plant
Relishing the winter sun,
A pathway needing sweeping
When will that be done?

Dust upon a dresser,
A book upon a chair,
A desk in need of tidying
To show some sign of care.

I see so very much from my windows
And it should bring you no surprise,
That the windows I speak of
Are the windows of my soul – my eyes.

© Linda J. Vaughan
2at. June 2009

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