Saturday, February 5, 2011



Today I found a box of photographs
Stored with other treasured things,
I sat down to sort through them
And time was given wings.

Photographs of my family ~
A careful pensive look to see
If that was my Great Grandmother
Or could it be really me ?

My Father often told me 
That I resembled her - the walk, the talk the looks,
The love of words and writing
And very special books.

The dark hair and eyes
The dimples and determined jaw,
I spent a long time then moved on
Because there was so much more.

My Great Grandfather - a quiet gentle soul
A man who loved me dearly.
He shared his love of horses
I can see it all so clearly.

He drove a team of Cydesdales
And went out delivering bread.
I have so many memories of him
Stored within my head.

As a tiny tot he would take me with him
And I would sit next to him with pride.
The smile upon his face
Showed joy he could not hide.

He let me hold the reins a while
And those dear great creatures knew
That they had a novice driving them
And exactly what to do.

When he bedded them down for the night
I would sleep upon the straw
These magnificent animals would step over me
And quietly watch the door.

Three hours soon passed  - so many memories
In such a tiny treasure chest.
I shall come back another day 
To relive memories of the very best.

© Linda J. Vaughan
22nd. June 2009

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