Tuesday, March 29, 2011



The sun has set on this autumn day
My curtains are ruffled by a warm soft breeze.
Another week is starting and I wonder
What will be the things that please.

What will be the things that trouble me
And cause my heart some pain.
What my journey will be like
In sunshine and in rain.

Changes for my family
Which cause me some concern
I hope that I can find 
The peace for which I yearn.

They say it isn’t easy when children are so small
A baby in your arms and another at your knee.
But it brought to me contentment
And I could plainly see.

Just where these children were
And the things that caused them pain
Somehow I imagine I would like
To return to those days again.

The busy schooldays and holidays ~
The uniforms to press
Driving them to functions
With a car in such a mess.

Standing on the sidelines cheering
In the cold of a winter storm
Hurrying back home again
And making sure they were warm.

It’s different now that they have grown
And made their way in life.
Driving cars and buying houses ~
A husband, partner ~ wife.

But it doesn’t stop me worrying
Although they are fully grown
With jobs and responsibilities
And children of their own.

My heart could burst with the pride I have
And the joys that they bring to me
But I still remember the contentment
Of children at my knee.

©Linda J. Vaughan
20th. March 2005

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