Sunday, March 27, 2011


It is almost Monday again and this is something I found today written in January 2006 - nothing changes much.


So here we are – it’s Monday
Another week is dawning,
I wonder what the news will hold,
What joy or what dread warning?
I wonder what this week will hold
For those I love and me.
But I know there will be comfort
Under friendship’s sheltering tree.

I guess there will be laughter,
Tears and memories in this week
And I know that I shall also find
The courage that I seek.
There will be friends and company,
Food and shelter and some rest.
Work to do and challenges to be met
And things to put me to the test.

When this week is over
And its lessons have been learned
I hope that I have found the peace
For which I’ve often yearned.
Soon it will be Monday
And another week will start
Another week of memories
Stored within my heart.

©  Linda J. Vaughan

January 2006.

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