Sunday, March 27, 2011


This was written when friends lost a precious little boy to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - at a time when there was nothing I could do or say.


Precious little boy
Your journey now is done.
Heartbroken parents you leave
To face each setting sun.
Twelve short weeks they had you
And then they found you cold.
Their days will be long and dreary
But you will not grow old.

The hopes and promises you brought
Now dashed and shattered about,
They are numb and they are angry
Of that I have no doubt.
I am sure that they planned and dreamed
Of how your life would be ~
The sports you’d play, the cars you’d drive
And the presents ‘neath the Christmas tree.

Precious little boy
What agony they now must feel,
With broken hearts and empty arms
And eyes all grey like steel.
They were parents of a son ~
Although the time was brief.
Be their Guardian Angel
And help them with their grief.

Precious little boy
Your whole family is lost,
Their sea is rough and windswept
Their little boat is tossed.
Know that you were loved indeed
And cherished from the start
That you will always live for them
In the seasons of their hearts.
© Linda J. Vaughan
13th. March 2005

 Love and hugs,


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Honour said...

Beautiful post Linda you must publish your works they are truly magic!! You mustn't let them just stay in your computer you must do something and let the world enjoy them!!! Hugs xo