Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I am the fairy of Autumn
A season I love well,
I love the pretty colours
As you can surely tell.

I wear such special gowns
And wear dresses by the score,
In misty golden colours
As I have done before.

I walk beside the river
And watch the leaves drift by,
I look at the many colours
In the Autumn Sky.

I wrap myself up warmly
When the Autumn winds blow,
It is a special time of year,
But this you surely know.

The earth is damp and cool
And as I fly through the trees,
I watch the final leaves fall down
In the gentle Autumn breeze.

I hear the Fairies singing
Such sweet and gentle themes,
Autumn is a special time
Especially in Fairy dreams.

© Linda J. Vaughan
August 2007


Charlene said...

The fairy pic is real nice, and I liked the poem, too. Autumn is my favorite season, enjoy.

Joyce Patterson Goodstsein said...

It's a perfect song for Autumn, Linda as seen through the lovely fairy's eyes. So sweet.