Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I am the mishcief maker
And do all those troublesome things
But I am quick to fly away
On tiny gossamer wings.

If the string breaks on your teabag
Then I am probably around
And if the tea bag falls back in
Look and I am sure to be found.

When the teabag dribbles on the table
And frustration settles right in
If you look around I will be hiding
You know that you can't win.

I am always in "hot water"
For trouble is my name
But it is with the teabag
That I have made my fame.

When the teabag is too hot to handle
And you quickly drop it down
I shall be hiding and smiling,
Even though YOU wear a frown.

I am not really naughty
Just mischevious you see
For I am never very far away
When you have your cup of tea.

© Linda J. Vaughan
The Pages of Avalon.

1 comment:

Tiili said...

I love it, that is so true of tea bags and this time it was the Tea Bag Fairy