Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I am the Qwerty Fairy
By your keyboard I hide,
And when you sit down to type
I am by your side.

You think you have your fingers
On the right keys for your word
But I have other ideas for you
To confuse you I have been dared.

When you think that you are typing
Word with letters in the right place
I suggest you look again closely
And hide your blushing face.

For the word "you" - you type "yuo"
And for "quiet" you type "quite"
It is really very confusing
It will give you such a fright.

Clicking on your keyboard
Remember I am there
To "help" you write your letters
 Because you know I care.

I watch you try so carefully 
To get things in proper place,
But remember I am with you
When you hit enter instead of space.

I sit upon the Caps Lock
So others think you're yelling,
There is no knowing what I do
There really is no telling.

I am the Qwerty Fairy 
And with mischief I abide
No matter how careful you are
I am always at your side.

Even though I am a Fairy
I cannot be all around
That's why there are several
Qwerty Fairies with joy to abound.

We get the "Ls "and "Ks" mixed
And add an "S"  here and there
 I wonder if you hear our laughter
As you begin to tear your hair.

We Qwerty Fae really do not like
The "spell check" feature,
It takes a lot of the fun away
We're funny little creatures.

Don't be hard on yourself 
The blame does not lie with you 
You can't be responsible
For the things that we do.

I am the Qwerty Fairy 
Just calling in to say Hi"
Remember to read before you send
And I'll try to fly by.

© Linda J. Vaughan
The Pages of Avalon
May 17 2011

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Tiili said...

Love it, they realy are pesky at timea