Friday, May 6, 2011



Business is bustling and busy,
Cash registers clanging and tinkling.
This is “Mother’s Day” and
Something wrong here I am thinking.

Mother’s Day for me is every day
And we don’t need to set aside
A day to celebrate these things ~
The joy in my children I can’t hide.

I have spent some time in contemplation
Going right back to the early days.
When with joy I told my family
That they would share some baby ways.

How I loved those times when baby was “mine”
And I carried my precious child.
Eating right, walking and resting
And letting my joy run wild.

For me it was not long enough ~
I could have gone on for years.
But time for baby to be born
And I could not hold back my tears.

And from that day when I became a “Mother”
My life was never the same ~
Everything changed  
And the joy of my life they became.

And now they are grown and have flown the nest
And living lives of their own
I look and take pride and such joy
And I see how well they have grown.

They have brought such happy times to me
And busy days were mine
With washing, dancing classes and music
And cooking and I liked it fine.

When I think of the roles I have taken
In the shaping of the lives in my care,
I really wonder how I found the time
To take them everywhere.

I have been a nurse and teacher, 
Taxi driver too.
Cook and laundry maid ~
These are the things I’d do.

I have managed sporting teams
And cooked for camps and such.
Read stories in the Library
And liked it very much.

Done reading with the little ones
And patched up their scraped knees.
What better memories do I really need
Than any one of these?

I have played “shops” and painted
And made creations from “play dough”
And these memories serve me better
Than any that I know.

I loved their baby days 
And toddlers brought such joy.
It was lovely to sew some dolls clothes
And play trains with a little boy.

At this stage when they are grown,
It sometimes makes me weep
When I see the lovely young adults
And feel the joys that I can keep.

So never a day goes by for me
Which is not “Mother’s Day”
And I often smile and watch them
As they go on their way.

It is lovely for me to hear them talk
And to have them offer advice
They often express their concern for me
And I think it rather nice.

And so on Mother’s Day I offer my thanks
To the Children of my heart
And tell them how much I love them
And that I am glad they are a part.

I am glad they are part of my life and me
And part of the scheme of things
And I want to be sure that they know
The joy being their Mother brings.

© Linda J. Vaughan
For Mother’s Day 2002

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Lynne said...

I agree, our children make every day Mothers Day just by being themselves.