Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Precious moments frozen in time
And etched in my very heart.
How different it is looking back
From how it looked at the start.

Memories of laughter and fun
Golden times and flowers
Discussions and debates
And many happy hours.

Downy hair and baby skin ~
A cry on the morning air,
Practical things done for me
Told me of your care.

Those cute funny phrases ~
The things that they did,
The games they played
And the things they hid.

Meeting new friends
And saying goodbye
Trying to understand
Not knowing why.

Christmas and holidays
Time on my own
Looking around me
Seeing them grown.

Diamonds and dewdrops
Sunshine and smiles
You alongside me
As I walked weary miles.

Friendship and family
Such joy they are bringing
With these in my heart
“How can I Keep from singing?”

© Linda J. Vaughan

Enya - "How Can I Keep From Singing?"

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