Wednesday, June 1, 2011



I love the winter sunshine
Without the fierce heat,
I love it when the shadows
Make pictures at my feet.

The walks beside the river
With trees reflected there,
Glistening ripples on the water,
Days without a care.

The winter sunshine brings
 Contentment to my days,
The outlines of the bare trees
Etched by sunshine’s rays.

The rising of the winter sun
Chasing away the mist,
The dewdrops on the cold grass ~
The world is sunshine kissed.

I love the winter sunshine,
And the promise that it brings,
Sunshine silhouettes gleaming
Oh how my heart sings!

© Linda J.  Vaughan

1 comment:

Aletha said...

Oh that is pretty yes with no leaves I love the way the trees look and how the sunshine come threw