Wednesday, June 1, 2011



I saw it early in the morning
When the frost was on the grass,
A picture of impeccable beauty ~
I could not let this moment pass.
Dewdrops on the petals
Of this winter flower,
A fragrance in my garden
In the early morning hour.

Too soon will come the cold wind
And the petals will be blown,
One single forlorn blossom
In my garden I have grown.
Yet it encourages me
To also stand strong and tall,
One solitary blossom,
In my garden by the wall.

This winter rose holds beauty
And memories of days gone by,
Why, then am I surprised
To find a tear within my eye.
In the quiet of early morning
When the garden shares a hush,
I find that am captivated by
A winter rose’s blush.

© Linda J. Vaughan


Aletha said...

Oh Linda that is beautiful, you going into winter we are going into summer and hOt,hot weather I like it in the 60 and 70's

Tiili said...

A blossom is never forlorn while there are people to appreciate and enjoy it's beauty.
May we all notice these treasures and pause to give thanks.
thanks for sharing this one and dry that tear on a lace hanky with pink flowers