Sunday, May 8, 2011


Written a few years ago to welcome a new baby girl who is now just about off to Kindergarten.


Welcome Emily Rose
At the very start
It is a joy to welcome you 
To our world and to our heart.

These are things we wish for you
As you live and grow in love,
May you know many blessings
From Heaven up above.

We wish for you quiet times
With your family and friends,
May you know a happiness
And love that never ends.

May you know your Mummy’s love
And the comfort of her arms,
As she seeks to hold you
And protect you from all harms.

A Daddy to take pride in you
And hear you when you call,
To lift you up so tenderly
And hold you lest you fall.

We wish for you story books,
Laughter and teddy bears,
A world of peace and comfort
A world without great cares.

We wish you love and happiness
A comfy cosy bed,
A soft and downy pillow
Where you can lay your head.

Flowers on your pathway
A gentle summer breeze,
Butterflies in summer time
May you know all of these.

May the tides of life carry you gently
Whichever the path you take,
May the sun shine for you
And storms leave you safe in their wake.

May diamonds fill your night sky
And for you birds sing their song,
May you play in safety 
And angels watch you all day long.

© Linda J. Vaughan
July 2007

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Tiili said...

That is lovely, Emily-Rose is a special little girl and it is so nice to hear her stories