Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Almond blossom Wilunga South Australia.)


Try to find joy around you
In all the little things,
And you will be surprised
At the measure of joy it brings.

See the glass half full,
The blossoms in the spring,
The diamond dewdrop on the rose,
The bird upon the wing.

Play with a child and learn again
That life is full of fun.
Splash in the puddles ~ 
Feel the warmth of the sun.

Smile at a stranger and you will find
Your smile will cheer his day.
Listen to music and sing along
As you journey along  your way.

Our positive thoughts affect our day,
Our lives and those we meet,
Dance in the magic moonlight 
With wings upon your feet.

Stretch your wings and dare to be
A positive caring soul,
And the joy you spread as you go along
Will help you to be whole.

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 2011

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