Tuesday, June 7, 2011



It has been grey and overcast
Throughout this entire day.
And rain has fallen 
In the nicest possible way.

There was no wind to drive and blow
And make the day feel bad.
Just a lovely quiet and gentle rain
The kind I am sure you’ve had.

There are puddles everywhere
And I know for certain
These rain drops were falling for me
Like a silver bead curtain.

I looked at the drops on the petals fair
Of the roses in wintertime bloom.
I knew their beauty would soon pass
Like the shadows from the moon.

I looked at the soft green blades of grass
On the lawn just recently mown.
And I saw the flowers now in bloom
From the seeds that I had sown.

I smelled the rich earth and I saw
The promise of Nature’s hand
I saw it all in my garden today
And  for me it was truly grand.

Rain on the leaves of the gum trees,
Rain on the Norfolk Island Pine.
I looked at these and was thankful
That this beauty here was mine.

© Linda J. Vaughan
adapted May 2011

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